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TV Packages

Local Plus

All your favorite local roadcast networks and more!

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All the Local Plus, along with your favorites!
For a channel listing, please click the button below or contact us at 844-99-FIBER (34237)!
Complete Lite – $94.95/mo.
Complete – $101.95/mo.

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Everything from Locals Plus and Complete. Looking for additional sports and music channels?
For a channel listing, please click the button below or contact us at 844-99-FIBER (34237)!
Advanced Lite – $103.95/mo.
Advanced – $110.95/mo.

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24/7 Technical Support at 888-256-9575

NOTE: You must have Co-Mo Connect Internet (Basic 100 MB internet package or better) to subscribe to the Co-Mo Connect HALO streaming TV service. Prices are effective for billing beginning January 2024. Prices and packages are subject to change. Television Subscribers will be charged a Local Broadcast Channel TV Surcharge of $24.00 per month. Subscribers taking Complete Lite or higher will be charged a Regional Sports Fee of $7.95 per month. Additional fees include any applicable taxes, regulatory, local government franchise fees, etc. Local TV and sports surcharges and fees reflect contractual payments and Co-Mo Connect costs necessary to provide such programs. Sports packages carry additional charges. Subscriber bills will be prorated for their first bill from the date of installation through the next billing period, which will be for more than 30 days of service.

TV Add-On Packages – Set the Perfect Lineup

Customize your television experience with add on packages to provide sports and more based on your specific interests.   

Specialized quotes may be needed for select channels and packages, contact our office for more information.

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Create a package to match your interests and needs.

  • No deceiving rates
  • Just straight-forward and honest pricing for amazing service
  • Create your own bundle to match your interests and needs
  • Pick any 2 services (internet, phone or TV), and recieve a $15 monthly bundling discount
  • Get all 3 services and recieve a $35 monthly bundling discount
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