Co-Mo Connect Telephone Partner Migration

In an effort to ensure superior quality Telephone service for each of our subscribers, Co-Mo Connect will soon be partnering with a new telephone provider to support the telephone service offered to our subscribers. If you have not yet, you will soon receive notification from Big River Telephone (BRT) that our telephone contract with them will be severed in November of this year. After careful consideration, we feel confident that our new phone partner, Alianza, is the best choice for our subscribers moving forward. With Alianza, Co-Mo Connect will be equipped to offer you improved functionality, added features, and additional subscriber control via an enhanced, web-based, end-user portal. This migration is in line with our constant commitment to offer our subscribers the best possible service by leveraging the most advanced technology available.

The first part of this transition will include migrating all of our existing telephone lines from the current phone partner’s service onto Alianza’s service. While our team is working diligently to minimize the impact to our telephone subscribers, there are a few items that may minimally affect users. As lines are migrated to Alianza, there are certain feature settings that will be set to the system defaults of our new partner.

  • Immediately upon migration, voicemail service will be turned ON for each line. If you have your own physical answering machine in your home, you will likely want this voicemail feature disabled so that the two message-taking options do not interfere with each other.
  • If you are currently using the in-line voicemail service included with your phone service, any saved or unheard messages will be lost at the time of migration. Please make certain to listen to your voicemails prior to your migration date. If you have any voicemails that you wish to keep a digital copy of, those can be downloaded by visiting the current self-care portal ( or with the help of a Co-Mo Connect agent.
  • Post-migration, you will need to set up your new in-line voicemail service, should you choose to use it. To access your voicemail for the first time and personalize your new mailbox, you will need to dial *333 on your phone and – when prompted – enter your default PIN of 1234. The first time you access your voicemail, you will be required to reset your PIN to a new number other than the default we have provided for your first access.
  • If you are currently using the call forwarding feature to forward calls to an alternate phone number, this will be automatically disabled at the time of migration; however, you can set it up again after migration.

Migrations are scheduled to begin toward the end of October and continue until all lines have been migrated.

If you have any questions about this migration or would like to make changes to any of the above settings after migration, feel free to contact our Subscriber Support Department at (844) 99-FIBER, email us at or register for the new end-user portal by visiting To give you immediate access, we have configured your user credentials using the following defaults:

Username: Your ten-digit phone number with no dashes or spaces. Example: 5556667777
Password: the letter “c”, lower case, followed by your seven-digit Co-Mo Connect account number.
Example: c1234567

*The first time you log into the new portal you will be prompted to change your password to something other than the default we selected for you above.

We appreciate your support and understanding while we complete this project in the best interest of all our subscribers.