Co-Mo Connect HALO Streaming TV Packages

HALO Local Plus

Broadcast networks and more!
+$5/mo. for basic Cloud DVR (optional)

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HALO Complete

Local Plus and along with other favorite channels!
Complete Lite – $80.95/mo.
Complete – $86.95/mo.

+$5/mo. for basic Cloud DVR (optional)

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HALO Advanced

Everything from Local Plus and Complete, along with tons of shows, sports and more!
Advanced Lite – $89.95/mo.
Advanced – $96.95/mo.

+$5/mo. for basic Cloud DVR (optional)

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HALO Ultra

A TV-lover’s dream! Everything you want to watch!
+$5/mo. for basic Cloud DVR (optional)

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NOTE: You must have Co-Mo Connect Internet (Basic 100 MB internet package or better) to subscribe to the Co-Mo Connect HALO streaming TV service. Prices effective for billing beginning Dec. 13, 2022. Prices and packages are subject to change. Television Subscribers will be charged a Local Broadcast Channel TV Surcharge of $21.50 per month. Subscribers taking Complete Lite or higher will be charged a Regional Sports Fee of $7.25 per month. Additional fees include any applicable taxes, regulatory, local government franchise fees, etc. Local TV and sports surcharges and fees reflect contractual payments and Co-Mo Connect costs necessary to provide such programs. Sports packages carry additional charges. Subscriber bills will be prorated for their first bill from the date of installation through the next billing period which will be for more than 30 days of service.

Co-Mo Connect HALO TV Packages
Set Your Perfect Streaming Lineup!

Co-Mo Connect’s HALO streaming TV service introduces you to the new age of multi-device streaming! Whether you watch on your smartphone, tablet, TV, laptop or desktop, HALO gives you the freedom to watch how you want and when you want in the comfort of your home! Customize your streaming television experience with add-on packages to provide movies, sports, news and more based on your specific interests.

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Cloud DVR

No equipment needed! Simply set and record in the HALO app! Cloud DVR is available in package sizes of 100, 200 or 300 hours of storage, so you can record your favorite shows, news, and sporting events, and watch them in the HALO app.

100 Hours – $5.00
200 Hours – $7.95
300 Hours – $9.95

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Co-Mo Connect HALO TV Compatible Devices

Apple iOS devices:
iPhones (iPhone 5 and higher)
iPad (iPad 3 and higher) with iOS 11 or higher

Android devices:
Most Android brands of smartphones and tablets with Android OS versions O, P and Q

For TVs and large screens:
Amazon Fire TV Stick (4K)*
Amazon Fire TV Cubes
NVIDIA SHIELD retail TV boxes
Xiaomi Mi TV boxes
* Amazon Fire TV 4K Max and Fire TV Stick Lites are not compatible.

Desktop/Laptop Computer Web Browsers:
Google Chrome (version 49 or higher)
Safari (version 10.1 or higher)
Minimum computer requirements: Windows 7 or Mac OS X version 10.10.

More HALO Features

Create a Package to Match Your Needs

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  • Straight-forward and honest pricing for amazing service
  • Create your own bundle to match your needs
  • Pick any 2 services (Internet, TV or Phone), and receive a $15 monthly bundling discount
  • Get all 3 services and receive a $35 monthly bundling discount
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