TV Packages

Local Plus

All your favorite Broadcast networks and more!
+$5/mo. for whole-home DVR (optional)

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All the Local Plus, along with your favorites — most in HD!
Now choose between the full Complete HD package and Complete HD Lite.
Complete Lite – $67.95/mo.
Complete – $77.95/mo.
+$5/mo. for whole-home DVR (optional)

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Everything from Local Plus and Complete, along with tons of music, sports and more!
Now choose between the full Advanced HD package and Advanced HD Lite.
Advanced Lite – $77.95/mo.
Advanced – $86.95/mo.

+$5/mo. for whole-home DVR (optional)

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A TV-lover’s dream. Everything you could possibly want to watch!
+$5/mo. for whole-home DVR (optional)

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Prices and packages are subject to change.  Taxes, regulatory, local government franchise fees, local TV and/or sports surcharges apply.  
Local TV and sports surcharges and fees reflect contractual payments and Co-Mo Connect costs necessary to provide such programs. 

TV Add-On Packages – Set the Perfect Lineup

Customize your television experience with add on packages to provide movies, sports, and more based on your specific interests.

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Steam your favorite shows from your smart phone, tablet, or computer anywhere you have an internet connection.

Sports, movies, news and more – on the go!

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Just tuned in and want to catch the beginning of a program? Restart TV allows you to enjoy the entertainment you love by restarting programs that you have just tuned into and start from the beginning, even if they aren’t recorded on your DVR.

Account must have DVR service to utilize Restart TV.  Restart TV only available on select networks.

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Video on Demand

Catch up on past episodes of your favorite shows or find movies for that rainy day with video on demand.  

VOD only available on select networks and TV platform.

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Create a package to match your interests and needs.

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  • Pick any 2 services (internet, phone or TV), and recieve a $15 monthly bundling discount
  • Get all 3 services and recieve a $35 monthly bundling discount
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