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Sun Outages

Spring 2023 Sun TV Outages: FEB 28-MARCH 9

What is a Sun Outage?

Sun outages happen in the Spring and the Fall, and they disrupt cable TV service for a handful of days. At these times, the sun’s low path in the sky takes it directly behind a communication satellite that transmits TV broadcast signals to a station on earth. The sun’s rays interfere with the signals between the communication satellite and the earth station affecting your TV reception.

When will the next Sun Outage occur?

The Spring Sun Outage will occur each day from Tuesday, Feb. 28, through Thursday, March 9, during the afternoon and early evening hours.

What kind of outage can I expect? How will this affect me?

For about 10-15 minutes each day during the Sun Outage dates and times, you may notice the following effects of the solar outage: blocks on your screen, stuttering, pixelization, loss of audio or momentary freezing on your TV. You might even lose certain channels completely during this time. The Sun Outage does NOT affect internet or phone services.

What should I do during a Sun Outage?

This outage is a naturally occurring event. Unfortunately, there is nothing Co-Mo, or you can do about the mighty sun and solar satellite interference. Please be patient if you experience interruptions in your television service during the time frames listed above. The issues subside after a brief time and will return to normal. There is no need to call us, and there’s nothing you can do to fix or stop the outage.

For a full list of Sun Outages and channels affected, click HERE.