Q. What is Co-Mo Connect?
A. Co-Mo Electric Cooperative contractors are constructing a state-of-the-art fiber-to-the-home broadband network to improve the electrical distribution system’s operation and efficiency while offering advanced communications services to the cooperative’s members. The Cooperative’s Board of Directors has approved a four-phase plan to bring Internet, television and telephone services to all of the cooperative’s members in the next four-plus years.

Q. Is my area eligible for Co-Mo Connect and how can I sign up?
A. Signing up is easy! Just return to the home page, enter your account number found on your Co-Mo Electric bill and you’ll see which phase you are in. If you are currently eligible, you’ll be able to fill out the application online. If your location is in a future phase, you can fill out an online form to tell us the services you are interested in. When your phase is nearing construction, you’ll receive a marketing packet that includes an application to sign up.

Q. Tell me more about the phases and the project details …
A. A four-phase plan has been approved. Construction on Phase 1 began in May 2013. Each phase is expected to take one year to construct and install, though that could change based on a variety of factors. The participants in each phase are based on the substation through which they are served. Click here to return to the homepage and type your Co-Mo Electric account number in the blank field to see which phase you are in.
Phase 1: Gravois Mills, Sunrise Beach, Shawnee Bend, California, Needy (Tipton)
Phase 2: Fortuna, Mt. Hulda, Edmonson, Ivy Bend
Phase 3: Pilot Grove, Florence, Versailles
Phase 4: High Point, Prairie Home, Stover

Q. When are we collecting the installation fee?
A. You have the option to pay the $100 when submitting your application. Otherwise, we will add a $100 standard installation fee to your electric bill once construction has begun in the area.

Q. What if I don’t sign up now?
A. If you do not sign up during the signup period for your phase, there is a chance your home will not be put on the construction map. We will not build fiber down streets or to neighborhoods that have no interested subscribers. Should you later become interested, the installation fee will be higher than $100, as we will have to send out a crew especially to build your line. Fees have reached as high as $2,000 to do that work. It is a great idea to sign up before construction crews are building your section of line.

Q. What packages are being offered?
A. Click here for information about pricing and bundles.

Q. When will billing begin for my services?
A. Billing for your Co-Mo Connect services will begin after your final installation has been completed and your services are fully functional. Services are on a bill-ahead schedule. So, the bill sent to you in June, for example, will pay for your July services.

Q. Are there any taxes on these services?
A. Yes. Phone service will be taxed similar to how other carrier’s tax phone services. There are no taxes on Internet services. Television taxes will include sales tax on the set-top box leases and applicable franchise fees.

Q. How do the bundling discounts work?
A. A big goal of our pricing involves “simple, straight-forward pricing.” We offer three services: Internet, phone and TV. If you bundle two of our services together, take $15 off the monthly total. If you take all three of our services, take $35 off the monthly total. In addition, our bundles are flexible. You can pick any tier you want from any of our services and combine them to make your perfect bundle. But if you need some help deciding, these are some popular bundles.

So, for example, a residential member could pick the entry-level Internet package ($39.95), unlimited phone ($39.95) and the Complete-HD-DVR package ($59.95). Add those three together and you get a monthly total of $139.85 a month. Then factor in the $35 bundle discount and your monthly bill is a very attractive $104.85 a month.

One important thing to note: Prices and packages are subject to change. We will let you know if/when they do.

Q. Can I receive Co-Mo Connect service at my condo/apartment?
A. Yes, it’s possible, but we will need to discuss this possibility with the condo association or owner to determine if they will allow it and what rules the building has for service providers. Multi-dwelling units will also require an onsite evaluation completed by the Co-Mo Connect Team. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our offices at 800-781-0157 or by email.

Q. How can I help spread the word in my neighborhood?
A. Once you have signed up, you can visit either one of our offices and pick up a Co-Mo Connect Yard Sign. And it might be a good time to stop by and talk to your neighbors and get to know them a little better!

Q. Explain the seasonal rate to me.
A. The seasonal rate is for subscribers who live elsewhere for a part of the year and can be applied to your account for a minimum of two months or up to a maximum of five months. By signing up for the seasonal plan, your telephone, television and Internet charges can be reduced for November, December, January, February and EITHER (not both) October or March – your choice. The base rate for seasonal service is $20 per month, and additional monthly seasonal charges apply depending on what type of services and equipment you have with Co-Mo Connect. A seasonal rate application that will specify all the monthly seasonal charges must be signed annually before this change can take effect so please call us in advance of when you would like seasonal rates to be applied to your account. If you elect to put your telephone and/or television service on seasonal rate, please note those services will be disabled. However, with Internet service you have the option to have us leave that service on at a reduced speed for minimal use for an additional $5 per month. Bundling discounts are not applicable on seasonal rates and the months selected for seasonal rates will not count towards your service commitment (see sections 10 and 11 on the Application for Fiber Optics Communication Service). After the seasonal period has ended, your full service will be reactivated and billing will be adjusted to reflect your previous rates. Note: If you return to your seasonal location earlier than expected, simply contact Co-Mo and we can reactivate your full service.

Q. Is technical support offered?
A. Of course! Co-Mo Connect subscribers receive 24/7 technical support on all services by calling (888) 256-9575. You can also click here for tech support.

Q. I still have questions…
A. If you are interested in learning more or have additional questions about Co-Mo Connect, please contact our offices at 800-781-0157 or by email.