Q. What are the channel lineups?
A. Our most up-to-date channel lineups can be found here. If you have any additional questions about our lineup, you can contact our offices via phone at 800-781-0157 or by email. For a Quick Start Guide that includes information about your remote control and a channel lineup with channel numbers, Click Here

Q. Can I have television service installed at my business?
A. Yes. We do have business packages available for public viewing. For more information, contact our offices via phone at 800-781-0157 or by email.

Q. Will the installers be able to use existing CAT 5 or coax cabling for the TV installation?
A. Yes, it’s possible, but the installers will have to evaluate the existing cabling and setup during installation to determine if it can be used. If the installer finds that the existing cable needs to be replaced, you will be notified of additional charges before any further action is taken.

Q. Can I use my existing television receivers (i.e. Dish, Direct, Cable, etc.) if I sign up for Co-Mo Connect TV service?
A. No. The Co-Mo Connect TV service has specific set-top boxes that have to be used with our TV programming.

Q. How many shows can be recorded at one time using the Whole Home HD-DVR advertised in the Co-Mo Connect TV service?
A. The Whole-Home HD-DVR set top box that we provide for our subscribers allows simultaneous recording of up to four HD shows while still watching live TV. The box will hold up to 150 hours of HD recordings or 350 hours of SD recordings.

Q. Do I have to have a set top box for every TV?
A. Yes. In order to translate an IP connection such as ours, we suggest our subscribers have a set top box at each TV where they wish to use the service. For additional set top boxes, members can choose to lease an extra HD set top box for $4.95 per month or HD-DVR set top box for $9.95 per month.

Q. Will the HD or HD-DVR set top box work if my TV isn’t HD capable?
A. Yes. All of our set top boxes are be able to “down convert” HD channels to SD if you do not have an HDTV.

Q. I would like to upgrade my HD set top box to a Whole Home HD-DVR set top box. What do I do?
A. You will need to contact our Co-Mo offices so we can update your service and you will need to bring your set top box to your local Co-Mo office to exchange for your upgraded HD-DVR box. If a service call is necessary to complete the installation of your new set top box, additional fees may be applicable.

Q. I’m interested in a channel not included on your channel lineup?
A. We continue to evaluate the demand for new channels and will be open to providing additional channels based on interest from our subscribers. If you are interested in a specific channel, we encourage you to email us your suggestion .

Q. I’m moving to another location outside of Co-Mo Connect territory. Do I need to return any TV equipment to Co-Mo?
Upon the termination of Co-Mo Connect television service it is the responsibility of the Applicant to return all Co-Mo Connect set top boxes, remotes, set top box cables and all other provided television equipment in normal working order within five business days of discontinuing the service. If we have not received your leased equipment within five business days or if the equipment is returned in damaged condition, the Applicant will be charged for any and all replacement costs.

Q. Where will my local channels originate from on the Co-Mo Connect TV service (i.e. Jeff City, Columbia, Springfield)?
A. Most subscribers will receive local channels from Jefferson City/Columbia. However, for our subscribers located in Camden County, they will be receiving all of their local channels from Springfield except KOLR (the Springfield CBS channel). These members will receive KRCG, the CBS channel from Jefferson City/Columbia.

Q. Can I watch St. Louis Cardinals games and Kansas City Royals?
A. Fox Sports Midwest (Included in the Complete package) predominately features the St. Louis Cardinals. If the Cardinals are not playing, the Royals can be featured on this channel. However, we will also offer Fox Sports Midwest Plus, which will broadcast Royals games if both teams are playing at the same time.

Q. Will I have access to Pay-Per-View?
A. We are continuously evaluating additional TV services like Pay-Per-View, TV Everywhere, etc. However, these services will not be available at this time.

Q. What is Restart TV?
A. With Restart TV from Co-Mo Connect, you have the ability to restart any program currently being broadcasted from the beginning. This feature provides great flexibility without the need for a DVR set-top box. This will be an available feature on select channels at no additional charge