Co-Mo Connect Subscribers to See Television Rate Changes in February/March

One of Co-Mo Connect’s primary goals is to keep rates affordable for our subscribers. While we have more control over the cost of our internet and phone services, television service presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to pricing.

Rising programming rates from large media corporations – most notably for broadcast TV and sports content – continue to be the most significant factors driving price increases for distributors like Co-Mo Connect and you, our customers. We fight tirelessly to manage your monthly bill’s cost by fighting against excessive TV network fee increases.

As a member of the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), a collective of more than 900 independent local TV and broadband providers across the United States, we are able to negotiate in larger groups to help us gain some of the cost benefits that larger cable and satellite TV providers enjoy.

While Co-Mo Connect does its best to absorb most of the cost increases facing our subscribers, sometimes the networks and broadcast groups leave us little choice by charging exorbitant fees.

A TV rate increase is something we truly wish we could avoid, but at this time it is necessary to offset the increases to the fees we are charged by the large media corporations to distribute their content and will continue to experience within the industry in the future.

Effective with the bill you will receive in February/March 2020, the following changes will be implemented: