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At Co-Mo Connect, we desire to keep rates affordable for our Internet, TV, and phone subscribers. However, preserving television pricing rates presents a unique set of challenges. While we have much more control over our Internet and phone rates, we must negotiate with local broadcast TV networks and large broadcast conglomerates to set TV rates.

We want you to know that we fight tirelessly for you during these negotiations. Our mission is to manage your monthly TV bill’s cost while bringing you all the channels you know and enjoy.

As a member of the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC), a collective of more than 900 independent local TV and broadband providers across the United States, we can negotiate in larger groups to help us gain some of the cost benefits larger cable and satellite TV providers experience.

If you are a TV customer, you may have noticed that your TV rates have increased, starting with the bill you received in December 2021/January 2022. Rising programming rates from the local broadcast TV networks and large media groups impact these increases the most.

Co-Mo Connect does its best to absorb most of these increases facing our subscribers. But local TV networks and broadcast groups leave us little choice by charging exorbitant fees to carry the channels they own and operate.

A TV rate increase is something Co-Mo Connect truly wishes it could avoid. But at this time, the rate increase is necessary to offset the rising fees charged by the broadcasters to continue to carry your favorite local and national channels. And unfortunately, it seems Co-Mo Connect will continue to experience these excessive fees from broadcast companies in the future.

Effective with the bill you will receive in December 2021/January 2022, the following rate changes will be implemented: