Construction is underway in the City of Lincoln! We estimate that Co-Mo Connect’s Award-Winning Ultra-Fast Internet services will be available to YOU by July-August of THIS YEAR!

Important things to remember:

  • Please do NOT sign up for service at this time.
  • Notice is sent via our construction e-mail update list, social media, and postcards when services are available.
  • Sign up for e-mail construction updates below!
  • If you do sign up for services before they are available, you will have to sign up AGAIN and agree to Co-Mo’s terms of service.

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Q: How can I find out about Co-Mo’s pricing/information for Internet, TV and Phone services? 

A: Visit CoMoConnect.com for more information about available services and pricing.

Q: Should I sign up for service on CoMoConnect.com now?

A: No, not at this time. Please do not sign up at CoMoConnect.com until construction is completed and services become available.

Q: How will I know when I should sign up for service?

A: When construction is completed in Lincoln, potential subscribers will receive a notification e-mail and a postcard from Co-Mo Connect informing Lincoln residents that they are eligible for service. After receiving this notification, you can order services at UltraFastInternet.com. A Co-Mo representative will then call you to collect an installation fee and schedule the installation.

Q: How will fiber lines be built inside the city?

A: Fiber lines will be buried underground along the city’s right of way.


Please understand that when you first see Co-Mo Connect contractor trucks in your area, it is just the first step of many before Co-Mo’s services can be installed and turned on at your home and/or business.

Here are a few milestones you can look for along the way to receiving our services in your home:

  1. The City of Lincoln must be mapped and engineering must draw up plans for fiber lines to be installed.
  2. When the plans are completed, then the construction job will be bid out to contractors.
  3. Once a contractor has been awarded the job, the construction date will be set.
  4. Fiber-line construction will begin on the date set and the fiber infrastructure will be placed.
  5. When construction has been completed, signups for service will begin at Join.Co-Mo.net.
  6. Once you have signed up, a friendly Co-Mo representative will contact you to schedule an installation date/time. At this time you will also have to pay your installation fee if one is applicable.
  7. On the date of your installation, an installer will come to your home to hook up your internet/TV/phone service(s).
  8. Welcome to Co-Mo Connect Country!