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Co-Mo Connect telephone is crystal clear and affordable. We offer unlimited local and long distance calling and standard calling features such as three-way calling, caller number ID, call waiting and voicemail. And, because we use the latest fiber technology, you can rely on the best quality of service.

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Phone Add-Ons

Standard Add OnsCost/MO.
Call Block This service allows the subscriber to block the last incoming call by immediately dialing *60 after hanging up the phone. and picking back up.
Caller ID Name While your phone package already includes Caller ID number display, you can expand this to also include the Caller ID name by adding this feature.
Remote access to call forwarding This service allows a call forwarding subscriber to access and change their call forwarding configuration from any phone.
Call return This service allows the subscriber to return the most recent incoming call.
Distinctive ring This feature allows customers to have one line and two phone numbers. Each number rings with a distinctive pattern so the owner knows which number is being called. Provisioning will assign short short long as the distinctive ring by default. The caller hears the same pattern no matter the number called. $3.00
vfax vFax is a virtual fax service. This service sends incoming faxes directly to an email address. The person sending the fax sends it to a 10-digit number just like a traditional fax. However, instead of receiving it in paper form on a fax machine, it will show up in the subscriber’s email inbox. $15.00
SimRing Traditional fax lines can be converted into vFax lines.
Anonymous Call Rejection This service automatically rejects all calls from withheld numbers.
Caller ID Block Per Line This service is permanent on a subscriber’s line and blocks the Caller ID so when a outbound call is made the called party sees private instead of the Caller ID information. This feature is not enabled by code but must be set up by the service provider.
Call Forward/Busy This features forwards incoming calls to another number when the originally dialed number is busy.
Call Forward/Don't Answer for VOIP This feature forwards incoming calls to another number if the line is not answered after a designated number of rings.

Additional residential lines are $25 a month. Prices do not include applicable taxes, regulatory and/or local government franchise fees. Prices and packages are subject to change.