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FCC Network Management Disclosure

FCC Network Management Disclosure

Co-Mo Comm is committed to providing the best service without restricting what can be done on the
Internet. The project was started to provide economic and quality-of-life benefits to the communities
we serve. We do not block or limit any lawful content, applications, services or use of any non-harmful
devices. Lawful network traffic is not discriminated against except in extreme circumstances where we
need to manage the traffic for the benefit of all customers and ensure that critical services are delivered
without interruptions.

If you have any questions or complaints, please call our office at 844-993-4237.

To view the available services and pricing, visit our website at or call our office at 844-993-4237.

We have built our network from the ground up for high capacity to handle all of your traffic with ease. That being said all speeds are “up to” their respective speed since there are many factors that affect your speed on the internet. They Include:

  1. The number of users who are using a website that you might be using and the
    capabilities of that site.
  2. If you are hardwired or using wireless to connect and, if you are wireless, the
    signal strength.
  3. The service provider that the website uses, among other factors.
  4. Your computer and the software that is installed.
  5. Viruses and Malware.
  6. The number of connected devices in your home that are using our service at the
    same time.

Typically you can expect that the level of service you purchase will be delivered as long as the above
factors do not limit the connection. The use of your phone or TV should not affect the performance of
your Internet connection under normal circumstance. You can check your Internet connection against
any of the speed test sites, such as, for informational purposes but please be aware
that there are several factors that affect the speed, such as the ones listed above. If you feel your speed
is lower than expected, please call our office at 844-993-4237.

We use network management to ensure critical and time sensitive services such as telephone and
television are prioritized and are always available even if the network gets congested. We do not block
any traffic that is lawful and does not violate our terms of service, which can be found on
The only exception would be if you subscribe to our managed wireless service that comes with a
firewall for your network that can be turned off or modified. If you would like help with this please call
us at 844-993-4237.