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Co-Mo Electric and Co-Mo Connect Unveil Unified Brand Logo 

Tipton, Mo. (August 29, 2019) — Co-Mo Electric and Co-Mo Connect unveiled their new unified logo this week which showcases the organization coming together as Co-Mo Connect: Powered by Co-Mo Electric Cooperative.

The decision, which was voted on and approved by the cooperative’s Board of Directors during the August meeting, is something that has been in the works for a while as the organization continues to grow.

“As an electric cooperative, and as a fiber company, we continue to grow,” said Aaron Bradshaw, CEO of Co-Mo Connect. “While many utility companies across the country are facing stagnation, we are proud to be an organization that continues to hire extremely talented people. I have made the joke that we have been adding so many new positions that we had to hire a new Human Resources employee to keep up with all the hiring we are doing, and there is a lot of truth to that.”

As a cooperative, Co-Mo has been serving its 2,300 square mile area of Central Missouri for 80 years. In 2010, Co-Mo Connect was started as a subsidiary of Co-Mo Electric to bring a revolutionary fiber system to its service area. Since that time, the fiber side of the organization has continued to expand and is now operating outside of the cooperative’s electric service area.

“When Co-Mo brought electricity to this area in the 1930s, it enhanced the quality of life for the region,” said Bradshaw. “Today, we continue that tradition by not only connecting our members with electric services, but by offering high-speed internet, tv and phone services to our rural community. We connect the community to the services that improve quality of life. We connect our members to the world.”

In addition to growth, Co-Mo Electric Cooperative and Co-Mo Connect have been working internally toward unification over the last few months.

“We have been focused on reorganizing ourselves internally in a way that best meets the needs of our members and subscribers,” said Corey ten Bensel, Director of Member Care. “We have an extremely talented group of people working here, and we are focused on making sure our members and subscribers have an exceptional experience each time they interact with us.”

As the organization continues to grow, and as it works toward operating in a more unified manner, it makes sense to update the logo to reflect these changes and note an important milestone for the cooperative. The new logo encapsulates both Co-Mo Electric and Co-Mo Connect in a way that showcases the past while looking to the future.

While change is happening at the cooperative, Bradshaw notes that many things will stay the same.

“While we work to provide services as a unified brand, we are still, and always will be a member-owned electric cooperative,” said Bradshaw. “This change will not alter electric rates or impact capital credits. Similarly, this change will not alter the current price structure for our internet, TV or phone services. We know our members and subscribers see Co-Mo as a single entity and this new brand logo reflects that.”



Co-Mo Connect exists to improve the quality of life for the region it serves with fair and reasonable prices for electric, internet, TV and phone services. It also works to support its communities through economic, civic and educational opportunities.