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Co-Mo Connect and Ballparks National Join Forces
to Enhance Ballpark Operations and Fan Experience

LAKE OF THE OZARKS, Mo. — Co-Mo Connect, the area’s leader in fiber optic high-speed internet services, is happy to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Ballparks National, Missouri’s premier all-turf baseball and softball complex in Macks Creek, MO.

This grand slam collaboration between the two industry leaders in Missouri will enhance the overall experience for ballpark employees, players, coaches, and fans by delivering high-speed broadband internet to all areas of the complex.

Under this partnership, Ballparks National will leverage Co-Mo Connect’s cutting-edge fiber optic technology to provide seamless internet connectivity throughout its sprawling complex. Visitors can expect lightning-fast Wi-Fi access to help them stay connected, order food from the park’s food/beverage service, live stream games, and share unforgettable moments with family and friends on digital media platforms.

“We are excited to collaborate with Ballparks National to bring our high-speed internet services to such an elite sports complex in our area,” said Co-Mo Connect CEO Aaron Bradshaw. “We are certain the employees and parkgoers will enjoy the world-class connectivity and service we provide. This partnership underscores our commitment to delivering seamless connectivity wherever people gather in the communities we serve, ensuring they can stay connected and share the moments that matter most with the digital world.”

Ballparks National echoes Co-Mo Connect’s excitement and recognizes that providing reliable and ultra-fast internet access at the complex will enrich the fan experience and foster a sense of community among everyone who works at or attends the park.

“Ballparks National could not be more thrilled to partner with Co-Mo Connect this season and for years to come,” said Ballparks National General Manager Jeff Vernetti.  “Our customer service and interaction with our fans is paramount. Our ability to provide what our fans want will be measurably enhanced. Co-Mo Connect’s Ultra-Fast internet connectivity will be a true game-changer for Ballparks National’s employees, players, and fans.”

Ballparks National’s main complex is located on Highway 54 in Macks Creek, MO, just west of Lake of the Ozarks, the number one recreational lake destination in the United States. During Ballparks National’s three years of operation, the complex has hosted more than 5,100 games involving 2,500 teams from 19 states. The complex will have eight all-turf fields, and park officials expect more than 1,200 teams to swing for the fences at the facility this year.

Ballparks National has had a monumental positive economic impact on the region since its opening season. Over the last two seasons, Ballparks National has added more than 7,000 lodging room nights for Lake area hotels and an estimated $10 million in additional spin-off revenue for Lake businesses.

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About Ballparks National:

Ballparks National is a premier destination for baseball and softball tournaments, offering state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled experiences for players, coaches, and fans. Located in Macks Creek, MO, Ballparks National hosts a wide range of events and competitions throughout the year, attracting participants from across the country.

About Co-Mo Connect:

Co-Mo Connect is a leading provider of fiber-optic, high-speed internet services for residential and commercial customers. Co-Mo is deeply committed to empowering and improving the region it serves through ultra-fast broadband solutions and providing world-class customer service for its customers.