Setting Up Your New Momentum User Web Portal

We’re updating your phone service to an improved platform. As we make this update, you will have to register for a new Momentum Web Portal to access voicemails, adjust phone features/settings, access call records and more! To register to use the portal, click the button below to visit!

Register Now!

Saving Your Voicemails

If you are familiar with accessing the previous Alianza User Web Portal, you will no longer be able to use this once your phone service is updated to the new Momentum server in December. If you have any voicemails you’d like to save, please access the Alianza Portal using the instructions below before Dec. 1, 2021 or these emails will be lost forever.

1. Visit

2. Login Using Your Username/Password

Your user name will be the 10-digit phone number you are trying to work with and the password will be a lowercase “c” followed by your 7-digit account number. For example, for my phone number (555)555-6134, with an account number of 5555501, my login would be:

Username:         5555556134

Password:          c5555501

If you have difficulty logging in, contact our office at 844-99-FIBER and one of our friendly representatives will be glad to help you reset your account login and walk you through the process.

3. Select Your Voicemail Account
Once you have logged in, click on Voicemail on the left side of the screen. Then click on the user name in the middle of the screen for your number.

4. Select and Save Your Voicemails
Scroll down to the Messages section. Highlight the message you wish to save and click the download button.

5. Where Are My Voicemail Messages?
The selected message(s) will then be downloaded to your browser’s default download location. Typically, it is the download folder, unless changed by the user. In Chrome, downloaded messages will show at the bottom of the page and you can click to listen right away.

5. You’re Finished!
If you have any questions, please contact us at 844-99-FIBER for further assistance.