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Co-Mo Connect Services are available NOW! Sign up TODAY! 

Service is NOW available to all Otterville residents! If you have not signed up with us, you can sign up for service in three simple steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter Your Address and Choose Your Services (Internet, TV, and/or Home Phone)
  3. Agree to the Terms of Service and Click Submit

Or you can call us at 844-99-FIBER and one of our friendly representatives will sign you up for service!

Construction Timeline

Please understand that seeing Co-Mo Connect contractor trucks in your area the first step of many before Co-Mo’s services can be installed and turned on at your home and/or business. Here are a few milestones you can look for along the way to receiving our services in your home:

  1.  Once an area reaches its signup goal, engineers working for Co-Mo Connect must draw up the plans for fiber-line construction in the area.
  2. When the plans are completed, then the construction job will be bid out to contractors.
  3. Once a contractor has been awarded, the construction date will be set and fiber-line construction will begin.
  4. Near the completion of the construction, you will be billed for your installation fee.
  5. After construction is completed, and if you have paid your installation fee, a Co-Mo Connect customer service representative will call you to set up an installation date. On that date, an installer will come to your home to switch on your internet/TV/phone service(s).
  6. Welcome to Co-Mo Connect Country!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is construction scheduled to begin in Otterville?

Mainline fiber construction has been completed and Co-Mo Connect internet, TV and home phone services are available NOW! Sign up at or call us at 844-99-FIBER!

When will I start receiving internet/TV/phone services?

Services are available NOW! Call us at 844-99-FIBER or sign up at to schedule an installation! 

When will I be billed for my installation fee?

You will be billed the installation fee when your installation is scheduled.

How is the fiber line being placed during construction?

All fiber-line construction is expected to be underground and along utility easements inside the city limits of Otterville.