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Co-Mo Connect’s Award-Winning Ultra-Fast fiber Internet is COMING SOON to Tan-Tar-A Estates! Residents may notice our trucks and workers in your area beginning in March. We expect to have construction completed and service available by the Fall of 2024.

NOTE: We do not take pre-orders. Please DO NOT try to place an order at at this time. Wait until we announce that construction is complete and service is available via our communications channels.

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    What happened to Lake Cable?
    After many wonderful discussions with the owners of Lake Cable, Gerald, and Nelda Buhrow, Co-Mo Connect has recently agreed to purchase Lake Cable. As a result of this purchase, Co-Mo Connect will be constructing a fiber-optic network and bringing its gigabit Ultra-Fast Internet to Tan-Tar-A Estates in 2024.

    What is changing?
    First and foremost, nothing is changing right now. You are still a Lake Cable subscriber, and all your services will remain exactly as they are currently offered to you by Lake Cable. If you need to contact them about billing, technical support, or anything else, please continue to contact them as you usually would. While we have purchased Lake Cable, they will graciously continue to run the day-to-day operations as we continue through this transition process.

    If you need to contact Lake Cable for customer or technical support, please continue to call 573-348-2511.

    When will Co-Mo Connect fiber optic line construction begin? When will Co-Mo Connect services be available?
    We are currently in the preliminary stages of surveying/engineering within Tan-Tar-A Estates. You may see our trucks and employees around the Estates. However, you may not notice physical construction until later this Spring. Co-Mo Connect plans on completing all construction by the Fall of 2024, and services should be available to residents within Tan-Tar-A Estates at that time.

    Will I have to sign up for Co-Mo Connect Internet service? Will there be an interruption of service?
    Yes, when construction is complete and service is active, you will have to sign up for Co-Mo Connect’s Ultra-Fast Internet service. We do not accept pre-sign-ups. And no, currently, we do not anticipate an interruption of service between the transition of Lake Cable services to you signing up and receiving Co-Mo Connect’s Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet service.

    What fiber-optic construction method will be used in Tan-Tar-A Estates?
    Co-Mo Connect will use a micro-trenching technique to construct a fiber-line infrastructure for Tan-Tar-A Estates. Micro-trenching refers to the practice of cutting thin channels into roadways and/or other rights-of-way to lay fiber. Once the cable is installed, the channels are backfilled with matching filler material. We chose this method because it is less disruptive to residents and the neighborhood.

    How can I learn more about Co-Mo’s pricing/information for Internet, TV, and Phone services?
    Visit or call 844-99-FIBER for more information about Fiber Internet, TV, and home phone services and pricing.
    NOTE: We DO NOT take pre-orders. Order service ONLY when your phase is marked ORDER NOW or ACTIVE on this webpage or if you receive a postcard or email that notifies you that your specific phase is active. DO NOT ORDER if you live in an “In Construction” or “TBA” phase, you will receive a message that you are not eligible for service when your area is, in fact, under construction or still in the planning phases.

    When will I know when services are active and I can order?
    When services are ready, Co-Mo Connect will communicate to eligible residents via this webpage, postcards, email updates (scroll up to sign up for email updates via the form on this page), and social media (